Resale Depot

Rivertree Community Church owns and operates Resale Depot, a resale store in Jackson, MI.

clothing-showroomThis opens opportunities for us to serve our community and fulfill our mission. Resale Depot is a resale store located at 2390 Wildwood in Jackson. With over 14,000 square feet of showroom space, Resale Depot is not only the largest resale store in Jackson, but one of the largest in southern Michigan.


Resale Depot was founded in 2007 as Encore – The Resale and More Store to help fund the ministries of Jackson Christian School. In 2010 the store changed hands and was operated by Kevin’s Ministries, a non-profit created by local entrepreneur Phil Tripp. At that time the store was renamed Resale Depot and the proceeds from the store began funding a broader spectrum of ministries and non-profit organizations. In 2015 Phil Tripp and Kevin’s Ministries, looking to move into other endeavors, gifted Resale Depot to Rivertree Community Church.

Where Does the Money Go?

You will likely want to know, where does the money do? This is a great question. For several years Rivertree has received money from Resale Depot to pay the rent for our facility on Lansing Ave. It has been a partnership we have been incredibly grateful for. As we move forward Rivertree will continue to receive these funds.   However, this is the only funding we receive from Resale Depot. This is not about making money for Rivertree. The rest of the proceeds are divided amongst four partner organizations based on a percentage of volunteer hours worked in a given month.

Those partner organizations are:

  • Jackson Christian Schools
  • Lamplight Church Planting Network
  • Lazy B’s Ranch
  • Quiet Place Ministries

How Can I Get Involved?

There are three ways you can help support the ministry of Resale Depot: Shop, Donate and Volunteer. We have spelled out more details about each of these on the Depot’s website: