What to Expect?

View More: http://tiffanymarie.pass.us/rivertreeWe Gather at 10am on Sunday mornings. 

Are you thinking about visiting? Great! Rivertree Community Church is an exciting place to meet authentic, imperfect people who want to learn about God and worship Him with others, regardless of where you are on your faith journey.

At Rivertree, you’ll find a diverse group of believers of all ages, backgrounds, and

It can be hard to go into an unfamiliar grocery store, much less a church – whether you grew up in a church or you’ve never been before.

Here’s a few tips for coming to Rivertree:

  • Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. Many people will be in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. Some may dress up a bit. The key: be yourself. We want to see whatever is the real, everyday version of you.
  • If you have a bible, you might want to bring it. If not, no worries. There are bibles on the back table to use, and if you’d like one for home, you can even take one with you. We believe the bible is the word of God and that it is important to interact with it.
  • We don’t pass around a plate. We give people the opportunity to become financial partners with us through tithes and offerings, and these can be placed in the giving box in the back of the Gathering area. But we won’t shake you down or make you feel guilty – we are excited about you, not your money.
  • There are refreshments in the back. It’s not Jackson Coffee Company or Café Lilla, but help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and a little bite to eat. No one will be offended if you’re singing with a cookie in your mouth.