World Involvement

In addition to being a part of making the Jackson community a better place, we desire to partner with organizations and churches around the globe who are accomplishing the mission of Christ. This takes place in two specific ways.


Clean drinking water is something that we take for granted. Lack of clean drinking water is one of the largest killers world wide, killing 3.4 million people every year. Every day 6,000 children die from lack of clean drinking water. Worldwide 780 million people lack access to clean water. That is why for the past three years Rivertree has partnered with Living Water International to help provide clean drinking water in areas of the world where it is desperately needed.





It is one thing to hear about other parts of the world, it is another thing to travel and meet the people who live there. Since our beginnings we have been involved with sending Short Term Mission teams. These teams work to support the work of local churches around the world through construction and ministry projects.

We don’t go so that we can change the world. We go to partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Often the most change that comes from these trips is not on the community we go to, but on the people who go. When you meet and get to know people who live in vastly different conditions you get a flips of the larger kingdom of the God we serve.

In the past we have sent teams to Jamaica, Haiti, Costa Rica and West Virginia. This summer we have teams headed to Belize and to Moore, Oklahoma.